Meet Travis Robinson
(Youth Carver)

Hello, my name is Travis Robinson. I am the oldest child of Stacey and Jo Anne. I have been working with the business since I was ten years old. I began getting interested in what mom and dad were doing at a very young age - out of curiosity like most kids do.

I used to go with dad and mom when I was seven years old while they were cutting firewood we sold to other families for their winter source of heat. I would help them by loading what I could on the truck and trailer.

travis2.gif (10289 bytes)After dad had been carving three years, business began picking up and a job was soon found for me. I basically started out in a learning and protective class with my parents due to the fact I would be operating an electrical tool; this being the 4" grinder. Soon I was given the job of wire wheeling and sanding particular carvings, as well as treating them with a wood preservative. I remember I was very slow at first. I could never keep up with carvings dad and mom were creating. Although today there are carvings my parents do quickly, I again would easily fall behind. For five years I was cleaning up the carvings in this manner. I've come a long way from the day dad and mom began teaching me the basics and importance of what we were doing. I've wanted to carve like mom and dad do since I was thirteen. But my parents made a firm decision, due to safety, that I could only begin when I was fifteen. Two days prior to my fifteenth birthday they gave in and let me begin. I knew and fully understood the danger that could come with operating a chain saw. Dad and mom made me very aware of this at an early age. I was taught to respect the saws in knowing what they could do. My first piece was a cactus with a wagon wheel at the base. I not only shocked mom and dad with it's turnout, but I shocked myself as well. Since then I have carved somewhere in the area of ninety pieces and am happy to say I have sold them all. I also now take special orders. Some of the carvings I have done include:travis.gif (12482 bytes) cowboy boots, horses, cactus, bears, eagles, pigs, as well as many others. I also help with the stump carvings and participate in entrance ways my parents do at peoples homes throughout the United States.

I am thankful for the gift I have. I used to think anybody could do it; dad and mom sure make it look easy. I have since found out it isn't a career choice, but a talent; one I feel lucky to have inherited.

I plan to go on carving and making a business out of the art myself. When I get old enough, I hope to tour the states myself like my parents do. I hope to carve at least one special piece that will be placed in or somewhere famously known as my dad has. I believe I have a good chance; I've had good teachers.


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