& Answers

Q-Does the fair provide the logs?
A-The fair always provides the logs for this event, however, being from the state of Missouri, we have chosen to provide the logs from our business. The logs will be quality walnut, oak and cedar. The amount of carving logs used at your event will be one six' and two eight' per carving day.

Q-What happens to the carvings?
A-The carvings are the fairs' to auction off and retain the proceeds. Some fairs raffle off one at a later event that the fair holds. Some fairs give one to the auctioneer rather than pay, or put an advertisement at the carving site of his auctioneer business.

Q-How many carvings a day can the fair expect?
A-We complete a carving at each show and carve four shows daily. In addition, we also do a carving for the people attending the auction just before it begins.

Q-What do we need from the fair?
A-We basically are a self-contained unit. The fair can expect to move out the wood chips daily or every other day prior to first carving period. This is a brief, minor clean-up and we are happy to assist.

Q-Are the saws loud?
A-When people hear the word chain saws, they automatically think noise! However, we are supplied with Stihl saws, and we operate Pro Line saws that have built-in noise reductions, blending our event in with normal fair activities.

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