Meet the Family

Stacey and Jo Anne are both natives of Missouri. They were married in 1982 and travel with their four children; Clint, Ashley, Taylor and Bailee.

Stacey began carving at age twenty-one, his first piece being a cowboy that was so realistic, orders soon began pouring in for anything from exotic animals, to Indian and Western art, to wildlife.

Robinson then began displaying his work at art shows, where he was winning in competition even against hand carvers!

Soon leaving his job of fifteen years of carpentry, Robinson set out on his own, selling his work at craft shows and through phone orders.  Within a year, Robinson joined a talent agency, where he began touring the states, performing in front of crowds at state and county fairs, grand openings, and open houses. Here Robinson does most of his stump carving and takes orders he and his wife, Jo Anne, fill between shows and in the fall.

Jo Anne began carving when she heard a small amount of women were doing it. She read of only six, and knows of only one other woman carving as an exhibition carver! She is also in charge of the business end, handling their bookings, setting prices on their carvings, and taking the orders.

The Robinsons encourage their four children to get involved in the show. Their son, Clint, began carving at home in the fall of 1997. He did his first exhibition carving in the spring of 1998. He will continue carving as an exhibition carver throughout the year. Selling his carvings came easier than expected. It was quite clear from the beginning he had inherited the talent that his parents refer to as a gift. (That, or he paid very close attention!) Clint also cleans the carvings and treats them while the audiences watch. He is in charge of getting the sculptures ready for auction. Ashley and Taylor both announce the shows and provide information on the auction of the carvings, reminding the audiences the proceeeds go back into their event. The girls also hand out business cards to those interested.

The Robinsons try very hard satisfying their customers, whether it be for an order, or pleasing an audience at a show, to simply answering questions. They believe it is this that keeps their business growing and their chainsaw art in such demand!